Jake Bio

Jake – Drums

Hello one and all, my name is Jake, but you may know me better as the drummer for Silence Is Madness (or maybe not, I don’t care). I started playing at the age of 13 after I wanted to learn to play Metallica songs. Specifically For Whom the Bell Tolls. I started my first band in 8th grade with my friend Hanneman, we were called 1313 . It was fun but we both kinda sucked but still remain friends. I was in a few failed bands after that until early 2016. I asked my friend Mason and two other friends from School of Rock (Kelsey and Joshua). Kelsey contacted Jesse and the rest of was history. We were called Decline for the first 9 months. After Joshua left due to creative differences, we brought Bladen on board and we’ve been a big happy family ever since. Thanks for checking us out and I hope you have a nice day 🙂

Jesse Bio

Jesse – Guitar & Vocals

I’ve been playing guitar since 2013. I’m heavily influenced by Dave Mustaine, Synyster Gates, and Matt Tuck.

Mason Bio

Mason – Bass Guitar

I was trained through high school on cello and only picked up bass during my Sophomore year. I was self taught until I started School of Rock in July of 2016. I am heavily inspired by Cliff Burton, Geddy Lee and Steve Harris. Metallica being my favorite band, I get most of my influence from them.

Bladen Bio

Bladen – Guitar

Born on January 30, 1999 on a blue moon. I grew up heavily influenced by my father’s musical tastes which were Ratt, Ozzy, Poison, Tesla, Dokken, Metallica etc. I didn’ start playing guitar until the 8th grade. Before that I was constantly singing at karaoke nights and eventually was a soloist in swing choir. I taught myself from the start and am proud to say that I never had a lesson. My greatest influences are Randy Rhoads, Kirk Hammett/James Hetfield, Warren , George Lynch, Dime Bag, and Will Swan. I was in a previous band with Jake and when they needed another guitarist I auditioned and the rest is history.

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