Despite originally coming from a household that held no musicians, Kent Johnson’s fascination with the art has been extremely prevalent from a young age. Throughout his high school career he was extremely active in marching and symphonic band, and since then has gone on to learn and make use of several different instruments. Johnson’s eclectic taste in musical styles, ranging from classic swing, to funk rock, to lofi indie oddities, and everything in between, has proven to put a playful spin on the rest of the band’s more traditionally thrash style, all the while being grounded and continually evolving as time goes on. His 4+ octave range shows capability, and his on stage charisma proves to be unmatched.


Raised on music from outlaw country to classic thrash, Jake wouldn’t find his passion until he sat behind the kit for the first time at age 13, Jake immediately knew he wanted to make a career out of kicking ass with his 4 other heavy hitting best friends. Quickly learning the discipline that comes with the performing arts, he soon formed Silence is Madness with bassist Mason while still in high school. While Jake enjoys his fair share of bashing and thrashing, he never stays away from a musical challenge and has done session work ranging from hard rock to R&B.


Discovering Rock n Roll in his infancy, Jesse knew from a young age that he wanted to live full speed. Picking up the guitar as a teenager, Jesse quickly locked into bright melodies and soaring leads with influences all over the heavy metal spectrum. Driven by music and his steadfast attitude, Jesse strives to lead Silence Is Madness into a Heavy Metal revolution.



Mason began life born into an Amish farming lifestyle. In high school he broke through his conservative upbringing and fell in love with satanic black metal. As a good friend would, Jake tempered Mason’s lust for evil and he reformed into a heavy metal fanatic. Mason then picked up the bass and never looked back. He is influenced heavily by Carrie Underwood and Adele in his music writing. The only vestige of his past is his Amish beard that he keeps to honor his roots

Ever since Jeff discovered KISS as a child he knew he wanted to be on stage. Picking up the guitar at 5 years old he quickly started along his musical journey. Growing up he took every chance he could get to perform, playing and singing covers at house parties and talent shows. After getting up on stage and winning a guitar at a trans Siberian orchestra show in 2008, a fire was lit inside of him. He knew he wanted to be a rockstar. When Jeff started listening to metal in jr high and high school and it made him strive for a new level of musicianship. Bands like Havok, Slipknot, and Slayer inspired him to start writing his own songs and he’s been a riff machine ever since! After being in a few projects around Omaha he was asked to join Silence is Madness in early 2020, and has brought a tight and blazing rhythm to the group.

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