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Silence is Madness

Silence Is Madness (SIM) is a rock/heavy metal band from Omaha, NE.  The group formed in early 2016 with original members Jake (drums), Kelsey (lead vocals), Joshua (guitar/vocals), Jesse (guitar/vocals) and Mason (bass).  Their first gig was at Omaha’s Down Under Lounge in June of 2016 and they have had dozens of gigs at many venues all over Nebraska and Iowa since then.

Joshua left the band in early 2017.  He was difficult to replace.  However, SIM soon found Bladen, a guitarist whom Jake knew from a previous band.  Bladen fit right in and learned a large chunk of the songs that made up the band’s playlist.

The band continues to gig as often as possible as it is their true passion.  Meeting other bands and playing new venues is always at the top of their list.

Currently they are working on an EP of their first 5 original songs and they are also working on a number of new originals to round out their new album.

Check out our website, pictures from past concerts and videos of our favorite songs.  Feel free to contact us for information about the band or to book a show!



Silence Is Madness – New World Order

Silence Is Madness – Solitary Nightmare

Silence Is Madness – Welcome To My Life

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